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We work with cultural organisations to optimise their digital activity.

We're working on a suite of products that will help you to better understand your audiences, make it easier for you to connect with them, and ultimately to sell more tickets.

And we also have a range of services that can help you along the way.

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We're looking for organisations to help shape the development of our products, exploring new ways of optimising their website and purchase pathways, and finding digital solutions to other internal and external business challenges.

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Some of the ways we can help

Analytics & Data

We can help you to make the most of your data, identifying and tracking key metrics, and making it easier to share insights across your organisation.

  • Analytics & Event Tracking

    Configuring analytics, transitioning between platforms, generating insights, building practical dashboards.

  • GTM Setup

    Configuring custom variables, tags and triggers to increase analytics capabilities; pixel implementation.

  • Integration Support

    Advising on possible integrations; product research, database schemas and data flows; documentation.

  • Systems Architecture

    Documenting your systems architecture, recommending potential new integrations and opportunities for efficiency.

  • Content Management

    Content management research and recommendations for new and existing websites and digital products.

  • Rights Management

    Advice on data collection and storage workflows and regulations, opt-ins/outs, and consent management.

User Experience

Delivering a great user experience across your website and purchase pathway is key to optimising your conversion funnel and maximising sales.

  • UX Audits

    Auditing your user-facing websites and products and recommending UX, SEO and accessibility improvements.

  • TNEW Audits

    Advising on Tessitura and configuring TNEW admin setup; scoping custom development work.

  • UX Enhancements

    Address look-up, donation ask, Gift Aid and marketing opt-in enhancements, and much more.

  • Digital Marketing

    Dynamic social media advertising integrations, optimising SEO and campaign tracking.

  • Solutions Analysis

    Scoping solutions to user needs, including off-the-shelf and custom product development.

  • Technical Analysis

    Scoping technical solutions, advising on migration approaches and service architecture.

Digital Consultancy

Your digital ecosystem offers so many new opportunities to connect with audiences, deliver great service, and be more efficient.

  • Digital Strategy

    Helping to establish digital sales and marketing strategy, and identifying steps to achieving.

  • eCommerce Strategy

    Identifying potential opportunities and steps to take to increase traffic and improve conversion rate.

  • TNEW & Spektrix

    Advising on implementation and approaches to achieving user and business objectives, including customisations.

  • GDPR & Privacy

    Advice on making digital activity and functionality compliant, including marketing opt-ins, cookies and privacy.

  • Product Development

    Developing a roadmap of product development for internal/external dev teams to meet business needs.

  • Product Management

    Overseeing product development, including backlog generation, sprint planning and reviews.

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