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Introducing Objectively Digital

An intro to Objectively Digital, a new company offering digital products and consultancy services to cultural organisations.

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Objectively Digital has arrived! We build digital products to address common user and business needs in the cultural sector, and services to help organisations make the most of their digital channels.

Much like in any sector, cultural organisations face many of the same challenges in their day-to-day activity as each other. These may be to do with delivering a great experience to audiences online, maximising ticket and membership sales, collecting and understanding customer data.

We have some excellent tools in our sector that can help us to do these things, but most come with limitations. They can do some things very well, and others less well. And so to make up for these limitations we often have little choice but to develop our own custom solutions. These custom solutions can prove very expensive, can complicate the experience for users, and tend to require further development down the line (costing yet more).

The focus of Objectively Digital is to deliver digital products that specifically address some of the shortfalls in functionality offered by the systems that cultural organisations use on a day-to-day basis. We also want to deliver solutions that enable the various systems we all use to better integrate with one another, and to take advantage of the benefits of investing in the development of a product rather than multiple custom solutions.

Through our blog we want to provide research and advise to digital folk in the sector that can them to develop their digital ecosystem, with best practice advise to help to inform their decision-making, and tutorials to guide them through complex but common tasks and processes.

And finally we want to provide digital consultancy services, helping organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their digital channels, giving them the tools to better understand their audiences, and making it easier to engage with them.

If you're interested in finding out more or discussing how we might be able to help you, email [email protected].

Joel Enfield ()
Digital Consultant
Joel is the founder of Objectively Digital, working with cultural organisations to optimise their digital output and better understand their audiences.